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NEC Phones

NEC Replacement Phones.

We have phones, expansion cards, and replacement system control units for most NEC Phone Systems less then 20 years old.  Choose the system below to find your phone or call us with the part number of your existing phone and we have your phone!

NEC SL1100

NEC SL1100

The SL1100 is a more advanced system but still affordable for small to medium size business with many features packed in as well as advanced features are available that are available in the SV8100.


NEC DS2000 Phones

The NEC DS1000 and the NEC DS2000 was produced to meet the needs of most business that did not have the needs for more advanced features.  the DS1000 is expandable to 24 phones plus 4 analog phone ports that can be used for cordless phones or a fax machine.  The DS2000 is expandable to 96 phones and supports what is known as a T1 or PRI circuit.

Electra Elite IPK 



The Electra Elite and Elite IPK  family is one the most popular NEC phone systems that supported VoIP and lots of newer features such as ACD, Unified Messaging, and more.  Many phones are available for the Electra Elite and the IPK to meet the needs of affordable phones as small as an analog phones to the receptionist or the executive with the needs of a more advanced phone.  We have an 8-button digital cordless phone available also for both models.

NEC i Series

NEC i Series Phone System

The I Series is one of the first phone systems that went into production after NEC purchased Nitsuko.

The i Series is another advanced phone system by NEC that can meet the needs of small to large business that supported most of the advanced features of it's time.

The i Series also has a large selection of phones available.

NEC Phone Systems Chicago

Providing a full line of new phone systems, exansion cards and phones for new and older model NEC Phone Systems



NEC Phone System Pricing.

New phone system sales to meet the needs of small business with the needs of 2 phones to larger business with the needs of up to 96 phones with all the advanced features at an affordable price you can count on.


New NEC DSX Phone System

The DSX is available in three different configuration to meet the needs of small to medium to larger offices or businesses with the needs of from three phones to 96 phones.

NEC Aspire

NEC Aspire Phones

The NEC Aspire is another great phone system manufactured by NEC.  The Aspire took the place of the i Series around the year 2000.  It is extremely expandable to meet the needs of most all business applications with display phones, non display phones and analog phones.

Headsets for NEC Phones

Headsets for NEC Phones

Choose wired or wireless headsets available for phones with a jack for a headset and for the NEC Phones that require an amplifier.

How the wireless headsets work is either with a lifter for users that would like to answer the phone from away from their desk or the phone can be placed in what is known as Headset mode.  The phone can either be in headset mode or speaker mode.  Both modes you press the speakerphone button to go off hook to place a call.

NEC Cordless Phone

NEC Cordless Phone

We have a Cordless Phone that is compatible with most NEC Phone Systems. Provides 8 buttons that can see up to 8 lines and provides most of the same features as the NEC desk phones


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