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The headsets below are compatible with most NEC Phone Systems that have what is known as a Direct Connect jack.  We have the the wired headsets and wireless headsets.  Both provide hands free operation when on a call.  We have personally worked with the P51N and found it to be a good quality noise canceling headset that wires directly to the phones.  We also have personal experience with the PL-CS50 wireless headset and found the freedom and mobility it provides is not comparable to any wired headset.  One thing with the wireless headset is it only replaces the hand set of the phone, so with out the handset lifter all calls need to be administered at the phone.  By adding the handset lifter you have the capability of answering and disconnecting calls, you can not place calls on hold, transfer calls, or perform any other functions of the phone while away from the phone.

VX Tria DC

For headset ready phones (no amplifier needed), Use with V-series direct connect cords (sold separately), Lightweight, Comes with three wearing styles to suit your individual preference, Noise-canceling microphone, Single-wire design gives you a greater range of motion, Kink free, highly flexible gooseneck boom lets you put the microphone where you need it, High-quality speaker delivers clear and consistent communications, Durable construction meets the constant demands of all-day use, Compatible with VXi, Plantronics® and GN Netcom®/Jabra® amplifiers and direct connect cords, Two-year warranty.


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VX UC Proset 10V DC

Monaural, single-wire headset featuring Plantronics-compatible quick disconnect, for headset-ready phones, Wideband audio and superior noise canceling make it ideal for Unified Communications (UC) environments, For headset-ready phones (no amplifier needed), Monaural (one speaker) headset lets you hear what’s going on around you, Wideband audio for clearer conversations and greater productivity, Superior noise canceling improves communication, UC-ready when you are, Lightweight, attractive design is easy to wear, all day, High-quality durability stands up to every-day use, Compatible with Plantronics and P-series amplifiers and direct connect cords, Two-year warranty.


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VX 100 Wireless Headset

VX 100 Wireless Headset

Talk up to 300 feet away from the base station and your desk phone, Up to 10 hours of continuous talk time and up to 120 hours of standby time, Superior noise-canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise, Comes with 3 wearing styles: over-the-ear, over-the-head and behind-the-neck, Easy to set-up and use. Features one-touch headset controls for volume, mute and remote call answer/end functionality, 64-bit encryption ensures safe, secure and private conversations, Pairs easily with most multi-line business phones as well as corded and wireless 1-line and 2-line phones, Optional L50 handset lifter lets you answer and end calls away from your desk phone (L50 sold separately), 1-year warranty, Headset Lifter Sold Separately


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VX Remote Headset Lifter

Remote handset lifter for use with the V100 wireless headset system, Optional handset lifter lets you answer and end calls up to 300 feet from your desk phone and base station, Automatically takes the phone off hook and connects or ends calls remotely, Cannot place calls on hold, Easy to set-up and use, Works with most standard phone systems.


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